PGR 6-Benzyl Amino Purine 6-BA CAS 1214-39-7

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6-BA is the first synthetic cytokinin, it’s high-efficiency, stable, low cost and easy for use.

6-BA can be absorbed by seed, root, stem and leaf. 6-BA can inhibit Chlorophyll, nucleic acid, protein decomposition resolve in leaves, meanwhile to tranport amino acid, auxin, inorganic salt to dealed place.6-BA mainly promote bud form, induce callusogenesis. 6-BA used to increase quality and quantity of tea, tobacco; Vegetables, fruit fresh keeping and No root sprouts cultivated, increase the quality of fruits and leaf.


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6-Benzylaminopurine, benzyl adenine, BAP or BA is a first-generation synthetic cytokinin that elicits plant growth and development responses, setting blossoms and stimulating fruit richness by stimulating cell division. It is an inhibitor of respiratory kinase in plants, and increases post-harvest life of green vegetables.


Product Name  6-Benzylaminopurine/6-BA






CAS Number  1214-39-7
Molecular Formula  C12H11N5
Formula Weight  225.25
Appearance  White crystal powder
Formulation  98%TC, 1% 2% 3% 4% 5% SP
Target Crops  Tea, tobacco, vegetables, etc
Package  25kg/bag/drum, or as you required
Storage  Store the container tightly closed in a dry & cool place. Do not expose to direct sunlight.
Shelf Life  24 months
COA & MSDS  Available


1. Inhibit degradation of chlorophyll, nucleic acid and protein.

2. Promote delivery of amino acid, inorganic salt and growth regulators to applied positions.

3. Help plant to keep green and retard aging.

4. Accelerate growth of cell in plants.

5. When used with gibberellins, fruit's shape can be improved


Cell division

Lateral bud emergenc( for example: apples, oranges)

Basal shoot formation ( for example: roses, orchids)

Flowering ( for example: cyclamen, cacti)

Fruit setting ( for example: grapes, oranges, melons)


How should I take 6-BA?


Payment terms

T/T(telex transfer), Western Union, MoneyGram, Credit card, PayPal,

Alibaba Trade Assurance, BTC(bitcoin), etc.

Lead time

≤100kg: within three working days after payment received.

100kg: one week




20kg/bag/drum, 25kg/bag/drum

or as you required.


Store the container tightly closed in a dry & cool place. 

Do not expose to direct sunlight.



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