Photoinitiator 1173 liquid CAS 7473-98-5

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Photoinitiator 1173 is a high efficiency UV photoinitiator and has the characteristics of low odor, non yellowing and good color stability. It can be conveniently combined with other photoinitiators. UV curing coatings and inks. Clear coatings for wood, plastics and metal, overprint varnish.


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Photoinitiator 1173 is a high-efficiency, non-yellowing UV photoinitiator. The UV curing system of unsaturated polyester system has the characteristics of low odor, non-yellowing, and good color stability. Suitable for acrylic photocuring varnish systems, such as varnishes for wood, metal, paper, plastics, etc.


Product Name  Photoinitiator 1173
Chemical Name  2-Hydroxy-2-methylpropiophenone
Other Name  Photocure-1173;1-Phenyl-2-Hydroxy-2-Methyl-1-Propanone;2-Hydroxy-2-Methylpheny-Propane-1-one;1-Propanone,2-hydroxy-2-methyl-1-phenyl-Chemicalbook;ACETOCURE73;1-Phenyl-2-hydroxy-2-methylpropane-1-one;1-Phenyl-2-methyl-2-hydroxy-1-propanone;2-Hydroxy-2-methyl-1-phenylpropane-1-one
CAS Number  7473-98-5
Molecular Formula  C10H12O2
Formula Weight  164.2
Appearance  Light yellow liquid
Assay  95.0% min
Melting Point  4℃
Boiling Point  102-103°C
Transmittance(420nm)  98.0% min
Package  20kg/bag/drum, 25kg/bag/drum, or as you required
Storage  Store the container tightly closed in a dry & cool place. Do not expose to direct sunlight.
COA & MSDS  Available


Photoinitiator 1173, the formal name is 2-Hydroxy-2-methyl propiophenone, short for HMPP, is one of the most widely used non-yellowing UV photoinitiators. It plays an important role in photocuring technology, because of its advantages of high initiation efficiency, good thermal stability, yellowing resistance, good storage stability, etc.
As a liquid photoinitiator, PI 1173 has excellent compatibility and can easily mix well with other photoinitiators and prepolymers. For example: PI 1173 is soluble in toluene, acrylate, methacrylate, etc., and easy to mix with resin. Its absorption wavelength is 240nm~340nm.
Photoinitiator 1173 belongs to free radical type I photoinitiator, which is mainly used for UV curing reaction, such as UV curable coatings, UV curable ink, UV curable adhesive and other products as radiation curing initiator.
Photoinitiator 1173 has been tested as an ultraviolet curable varnish of acrylate series for paper, metal and plastic surfaces. Particularly recommended for UV coatings requiring only slight yellowing even when exposed to sunlight for a long time.


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20kg/bag/drum, 25kg/bag/drum

or as you required.


Store the container tightly closed in a dry & cool place. 

Do not expose to direct sunlight.



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