Rhizobium Bacteria In Nitrogen Fixation

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Rhizobium is a bacterium found in soil that helps in fixing nitrogen in leguminous plants. It attaches to the roots of the leguminous plant and produces nodules. These nodules fix atmospheric nitrogen and convert it into ammonia that can be used by the plant for its growth and development.


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Rhizobium is a genus of bacteria associated with the formation of root nodules on plants. These bacteria live in symbiosis with legumes. They take in nitrogen from the atmosphere and pass it on to the plant, allowing it to grow in soil low in nitrogen.


Domain: Bacteria

Class: Alphaproteobacteria

Phylum: Proteobacteria

Order: Rhizobiales


Product Name  Rhizobium
Appearance  Brown powder or liquid
Viable Count  2 billion CFU/g
COA  Available
Usage  Seed dressing 
Package  20kg/bag/drum, 25kg/bag/drum, or as you required
Storage  Store the container tightly closed in a dry & cool place. Do not expose to direct sunlight.
Shelf Life  12 months


Rhizobium bacteria are beneficial soil bacteria that enable legumes to use or ‘fix’ atmospheric nitrogen for plant growth. Each species of legume has a specific strain of rhizobium that it needs for this process. To ensure adequate plant growth, it is important to inoculate legume seed at planting with the correct strain of rhizobium.


1. Safe: non-toxic to humans and animals.

2. High selective: only harmful tothe target insects, do not harm natural enemies.

3. Eco-friendly.

4. No residues.

5. Pesticide resistance is not easy to occur.


How should I take rhizobium?

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20kg/bag/drum, 25kg/bag/drum

or as you required.


Store the container tightly closed in a dry & cool place. 

Do not expose to direct sunlight.



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